03 Dec

Wow week 12 was an absolute shit show for my picks. We went 7-8 straight up to have our first negative week which brought our total to 109-69-1 on the year. We also went 3-3 on the 6 ATS picks that I gave out which isn't terrible but definitely not up to our standards. Like a turd we are going to flush last week and completely and utterly move on with no remorse. On to week 13…

Cowboys (-7) at Saints

The Cowboys are missing their head coach due to COVID protocols which is never a good thing. Thankfully for the Cowboys they are playing an even more banged up team in the Saints. The Saints don't have a solid QB and that has been evident in their last 4 games that they have lost. I think this should be a relatively easy game for the Cowboys minus their head coach. This is one of my favorite games ATS and I think the Cowboys win by 10 or more.

Pick: Cowboys / Cowboys -7

Giants at Dolphins (-3)

The Dolphins are playing great football right now. Wait, did I really just say that? The Dolphins have won 4 straight games, while the Giants are coming off of a good win against the Eagles where their defense really stepped up. The Dolphins have given up 17 or less points in their last 4 games. Both these teams defenses have been playing well as of late so I expect this to be a relatively close matchup. I think the Dolphins win this one because Tua Tagovialoa has been playing at a high level throughout these past four games. Have the Dolphins truly turned the corner? Are they a playoff caliber team? We will see if they can win 5 straight this weekend. 

Pick: Dolphins 

Chargers at Bengals (-3)

This is one of the best matchups that week 13 has to offer. The Chargers really let us down last week against the Broncos and frankly looked really bad. The Bengals on the other hand lent the Steelers their largest loss since the mid 1980s. The Bengals looked fantastic last week and that's got to carry over to week 13. The Justin Herbert vs Joe Burrow showdown will be one to watch and I think this should be a good game. I got to go with the home team this go around because the Chargers have been so up and down all year. Bengals win this one at home.

Pick: Bengals

Football Team at Raiders (-2.5)

The Football team is playing really good football right now. Wait, did I really just say that… again… The Football team has won 3 straight games while the Raiders are coming off a great win against the Cowboys on Thanksgiving. The Raiders are given extra rest in this one while the Football team just played on Monday night. I think the rest factor will have a lot to do with how this game pans out. The Football team should keep it close but the Raiders will pull it out in the end.

Pick: Raiders 

Here's The Rest Of My Week 13 Picks...

Colts at Texans - Pick: Colts
Vikings at Lions - Pick: Vikings
Eagles at Jets - Pick: Eagles
Cardinals at Bears - Pick: Cardinals
Chargers at Bengals - Pick: Bengals
Buccaneers at Falcons - Pick: Buccaneers
Jaguars at Rams - Pick: Rams
Football Team at Raiders - Pick: Raiders
Ravens at Steelers - Pick: Ravens
49ers at Seahawks - Pick: 49ers
Broncos at Chiefs - Pick: Chiefs
Patriots at Bills - Pick: Patriots

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