12 Feb

It is finally here! The freaking SUPER BOWL! I could not be more excited and if you've been tailing me all year wow was it one hell of a ride. We did extremely well this year with a 46-26 record ATS (including playoffs). It all comes down to this though. Without further ado… Here is my Super Bowl pick…

Bengals at Rams (-4.5)

What an intriguing matchup of great defense vs great offense in this one. The Rams are coming in with a star studded defense and the Bengals have an offense loaded with phenomenal players as well. This should pan out to be a good game hopefully, but if there's one thing we have lived and died by this year its defense trumps all. The Bengals offensive line is flat out horrible and Joe Burrow was hit NINE times against the Titans in week one of the playoffs. That being said Joe Burrow is one of the best QBs in the league against pressure. I think that Aaron Donald and Von Miller are going to make life very difficult for Joe Burrow and co. Do the Bengals have someone that can cover Cooper Cupp? I don't think so… I'm hoping that this game is close but it very well could be a blow out in the Rams favor. The Bengals are crafty and seem to find a way to win, so we will see if that can continue in this one. If it's not obvious by now… I'm big on the rams… I think the Rams win the Super Bowl this year and cover the spread of 4.5. I think the Rams eventually win this by a touchdown or more. I'm very excited for this game and I'm hoping it's one for the record books. Let's continue our great season with an emphatic ending. Rams -4.5. Book it… 

Pick: Rams -4.5 

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